Bruno Mars

I absolutely refused to allow this rainy and cold evening in Dallas to damper my mood. I put a perm on my attitude and relaxed. For in my phone, tucked away in my ever so convenient e-wallet was a mobile ticket to one of the hottest shows in town. Yes, you guess it, Bruno Mars!

When I purchased my ticket, Cardi B was scheduled to be on the tour. Motherhood and Baby Kulture put a wrench in those plans. Therefore, I swallowed that as a valid excuse only after my 2-3 day rant of utter disappointment and outrage. But turn to your neighbor and say, “the substitute sufficed.” Hallelujah today saints!

Come to find out via Facebook, an old friend/co-worker was also attending the concert for her birthday. She invited me to dinner prior to the show which consisted laughs, high siding, margaritas and enchiladas. Our foolery had us 30 minutes late for the show. e get to the venue and we parted ways because my seats where near the most high God and her crew had seats on the floor.

Charlie Wilson opened up the show like a true champ judging by the crowd’s reaction. As I scurried to my seat, I could hear Uncle Charlie taking the kids to church exclaiming “he’s been good to me” with an ol’ nice organ riff in the background. I rushed to my seat like Suge Avery did in The Color Purple when she was headed to her dad’s church singing God’s Trying to Tell You Something. The only song I caught of Uncle Charlie’s was a snippet of Outstanding.


In the midst of the crew changing the set in preparation for Bruno, I get a text from my friend Francheska. The one I mentioned earlier. She said come down. I have a seat for you. I jumped up, grabbed my umbrella and fled to lower ground. I felt like Uncle Charlie and thought “he’s been good to me.” With a light sweat on my brow and elevated heart rate, I found my girl and I was ushered to my new seat in glory! It was amazing and ever so close to the stage. Saints, there is a God somewhere.

Bruno finally hit the stage and opened up with Finesse followed by 24K Magic. This man set the stage on FIRE, literally at one point! About 5 minutes into the set, I almost boo boo’d on myself because of the pyrotechnics going off on the stage. We were so close, the loud noise had me scared as hell. I never got used to it. Every pop and bang had me ducking like I was in South Central L.A. I had every intention to give y’all a rundown of the entire set list but I had to put my phone down, lodge this blog post in the back of my mind and party. Francheska and I danced the entire night away. Every time we tried to take out seats, Bruno pulled out another hit from Perm to Chunky, That’s What I Like and Versace of the Floor.

I was eagerly anticipating some of his classics and he gave us a quick medley of Just the Way You Are, Treasure, Locked of Out Heaven, When I Was Your Man and Nothing on You. I was hurt that he didn’t sing Grenade.

His band, and background singers which I also served as a dancers were electrifying filled with high energy the entire night. They kept us entertained and grooving til the bitter end when they closed out with Uptown Funk.

Bruno is a true entertainer. The man danced his ass off, sung down and even played the guitar. Lip-sync? Bihh where? It was all Bruno, all night! Sheer perfection and pure showmanship at it’s best! The tour wraps up at the end of October but if you are in the Austin or the Los Angeles area, try to get in the building. These type of artists don’t come around every day!