Frankie Beverly & Maze

For years, I have always wanted to see Frankie Beverly and Maze live. Any time they would come to town, I would miss them or I didn’t have anyone to go with. When I stumbled upon an ad in June of their upcoming concert in Dallas, I didn’t waste anytime getting a ticket for one for the show in September.

Concert ticket? Check! The next thing I needed was my all white outfit. You can’t go to see Frankie Beverly and Maze and not where the required white attire. Let me settle your minds and clear the air! No, I did not have on a white linen suite from K&G with white Stacy Adams “mandals.” I am an uncle but not your great uncle Cleofus that is a shade tree mechanic by trade. Sorry I just had to clear that up real quick for any messy ass folks. I digress!

With my white from head to toe and ticket in hand, I headed to the concert. Due to traffic, I was over a hour late for the show. As you would guess, I was hot as fish grease because I missed a part of the opening act which was Anthony Hamilton. I’ve seen Anthony before so it wasn’t a total loss. Nevertheless, he and the HamilTones had the crowd rocking as I took my seat. Now I was 7 rows from the stage. This is probably one of the best seats I’ve had for any concert. Then I realized, I left my cell phone in the car. This added to my level of frustration but I didn’t allow it take me over the edge.


The headliners entered the stage about 25 minutes after Anthony Hamilton’s departure. I was in R&B heaven. I have older parents, so I grew up on the music from the 60s and 70s. Now I must admit, I didn’t feel like a true fan because I didn’t know the first two songs performed. Oh but when I heard the music to Feel That You’re Feelin’, I couldn’t contain myself. I was back on my feet and singing along. Frankie was just getting started. Back In Stride was up next and the house was jumping. People were dancing in the aisles, swinging out at the front of the stage while others belted out the lyrics. The energy from the crowd was infectious and it pushed Frankie even the more to give people what they want.


Frankie took a little breather between songs and reminded us that he is 71 years old. The man looks good and took command of the stage like a consummate professional. His commanding and endearing tenor isn’t as defined as it use to be and by the end of the show this was even more evident but it didn’t deter him from giving it all that he had. No one seemed overly concerned about his voice. The music made us all feel good. The spirit was so free, live, and it was all love. I felt like I was at a huge cookout with drunk uncles and aunties dancing with their red party cups and hollering out “heeyyyy.” It was uberly nostalgic. I love us for real!

The band, Jesus. Maze made me want to holler out like I was in church. The lead guitarist had an amazing solo on the classic The Morning After. Folks all over the building couldn’t contain their stank face. You know the one when you hear something that is so damn good all you can do is shake your head in amazement and turn your face up! I am sure one of my aunts would have threw one of her shoes on the stage. This negro was a beast.

The hits just kept coming one after another! From Silky Soul to Happy Feelings, Running Away and Never Let You Down. The fellas closed out the show with Before I Let Go. Sweet God from heaven the people went bananas. By this time, everyone in the family was tipsy, smiling and dancing with strangers. It was a beautiful way to end the Summer of 2018! It was a night and concert I will never forget!

Thank you Frankie Beverly and Maze for the Happy Feelings!