Marsha Ambrosius


Uncle’s Critique

Grammy award winner, singer and producer Marsha Ambrosius is back with her 3rd solo project entitled Nyla. It’s evident that Marsha’s new role as a mother has helped mold this new project while further solidifying her as prolific songwriter.

This new album takes a shift from her sophomore effort Friends and Lovers which in my opinion was more sexual and sensual in nature yet lackluster. The 16-track album named after her daughter, is a breath of fresh air and somewhat redemptive for Marsha. The album starts out very strong with an upbeat song entitled Bottle Fulla of Liquor which takes a play on words to describe a lover being pursued and enamored for their intoxicating level of intimacy. Next, she slows it down a bit with Flood. A typical love song pleading for the urgency and overflow of love and affection.  


The Spanish influenced track I Got It Bad tells of a relatable tale of being so infatuated with someone to the point where you can’t be without them because they make the world a better place to live in. Lord, send me someone like that. The mid-tempo Let Out is a staple Marsha Ambrosius track that makes you do a slow groove from side to side. If you grew up in the 90s, it’s the kind of beat that would you have you popping and rolling. It could be a nice filler on your personal G.T.D. (get the drawers) playlist. Today, is one of my favorite ballads which describes the loss of a relationship and the yearning to go back to the days when love and life with that person was copacetic. We get to hear audio of baby Nyla responding to her mother’s voice on Grand Finale which is sweet and endearing. PJ Morton fans are sure to enjoy the track Hello Goodbye which is a nice way to close out the album. It didn’t necessarily capture my heart but oh well.


Overall, “Nyla” is a solid effort. One of my complaints is there aren’t many up-tempo songs to dance to.  However, I had to remind myself that Marsha isn’t totally known for any “club bangers” so I guess it’s not a total loss.  She is staying true to herself, working within her lane and real fans will not be disappointed.

Standout singles include:  I Got It Bad, Let Out, Luh Ya, Today, and Scorn