The Hamiltones


Uncle’s Critique

2 out 5 party cups

The Grammy nominated trio, The HamilTones released their highly anticipated album suitably entitled Finally Here. For those of you not familiar with the group, these men are background singers of R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton.  Over the past couple years, they’ve also gained notoriety and following from their social media videos whereby mocking celebrities (Birdman – Puts some Respect on It) and covers of current hits.  Not only are these guys’ awesome musicians but they do it with a sense of humor that resonates with us all. It is evident their talents were well-groomed in the church because their quartet style delivery is undeniable.

Finally Here consists of 9 soulful tracks that don’t lack personality or raw talent. The album opener and first single Money Can’t Buy You Love bleeds of classic R&B and also features Ricco Barrino.  The song will have you two stepping and grooving from side to side. Other up-tempo standouts from the album include Never Gonna Let You Go and You Got That Fire.  These are song perfect for singing along to while cleaning up the house on a Saturday morning.  


Every black man can relate to the Barbershop Interlude.  The staple or epicenter of a black man’s haircut is his line-up.  This interludes expresses the concerns of a client whose barber is pushing that hair line too far back with the clippers.  For those of you that don’t know, the severity of this action, I will equate it to a woman getting her hair done and being dunked into a swimming pool. It will definitely cause exchanged words, and or furniture moving. A word to all the wise, if you don’t want any slow singing and flower bringing, don’t push back a black man’s hairline.

The vocal arrangements and music of Best Friend immediately made me think of R&B songbird Tweet.  She would have been a pleasant surprise on this track.  This ballad pays homage to a woman that is everything to man. It’s an ode to the one person that makes life and love make sense.


While I am an avid fan of the HamilTones, it seems like the album is missing something. I appreciate the interludes and covers of Charlene (Anthony Hamilton) and Love Calls (Charlene) but I would have loved more original material. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright was a nice addition but I got enough of that on the PJ Morton album.  It’s my fear that the album maybe overshadowed by other summer albums releases. Unfortunately, there isn’t one song that makes me want to keep it on repeat. Nevertheless, it’s a solid effort from the guys.  I will go out on a limb and say a live album from The HamilTones would be fire!