It Ain't Roscoe''s Lo-Lo's!

One thing I have consciously decided to do with my blog is to highlight minority owned businesses whether it’s locally or gems I find during my travels.

Today, I bring you Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles located in Southlake, TX. Larry White is the man behind this black owned soul food eatery with locations in Arizona and Nevada under his belt. While dining there, an employee advised they are looking to open a second location in Dallas. As soon as I took a bite, another location in the Big D is well warranted.

201 E State Hwy 114 #100, Southlake, TX 76092

201 E State Hwy 114 #100, Southlake, TX 76092

I’ve heard about Lo-Lo’s for a couple years and I have been dying to try it. I had to take care of some business in Southlake and despite being sick with bronchitis, I decided to hit them up. I am so glad I did. I got there right at 6:15pm on a Monday. It was slow as there were only 2 other patrons in the restaurant at the time. Upon entering, I was greeted by a nice young man probably in high school that reminded me of one of my nephews. I mention him because customer service makes a difference. When you come into an establishment, you want to feel welcome. You want to feel like your presence is important. And this young man made me feel at home. I quickly told him I would be dining at the bar (as I typically do when I am alone) and made my way. To my surprise he was right behind me with a menu and silverware in tow.

I was then greeted with smile by the bartender. She immediately told me I just missed happy hour. Since I was sick, I had not been drinking but the thought of missing out on a discount still was upsetting to me. I loves a discounted drink…..and food too! I told her I was a Lo-Lo’s virgin and she beamed. It was like she couldn’t wait to give me the low down of the menu as she did very well. There was so much to choose from as the menu was extensive. Clairvoyantly I knew I would be back, so I settled on a one of the “Hood Classics,” the Sheeda’s Special. Sheeda’s Special consist of one waffle, a chicken breast and one wing! I was torn between the collard greens and the mac and cheese. My friendly bartender helped me settle on the greens.

The food came out quick! And let me just say….it was fresh, hot and delectable. My first notion was to dive into the waffle which was different but in a good way. It hit my taste buds with an unexpected flare. It was far from an Eggo and nothing like Aunt Jemima mix. The joint was fluffy and almost put me in the mind of a spice cake! Joined with the syrup and butter, it wouldn’t nothing but a breakfast party! <insert crip walk>

Larry White’s team has a winner with their chicken. Golden brown, savory, fried just right and hot! My breast had potential to be on the dry side but it was alright with me. It was nothing but bones on my plate. I sat back with childish pride and thought, “my grandma would be so proud.”

Soon my lovely bartender came to check on me to ask how everything was going. I could only respond with a thumbs up as I was diving into my collard greens which caught me by surprised because they had a little kick. It appeared to be some red pepper flakes throughout the mix. My only complaint about the greens is I wish I had a little mo juice! I usually don’t order dessert but I wanted to try their peach cobbler and to my dismay they didn’t have any! Typical black folk! I guess that is another complaint but not a deal breaker.

Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine

Midway between my meal, an older gentlemen I perceived to be the manager spoke and asked if I needed anything. Another mark for quality customer service. Suddenly, people started coming through the door left and right. I just knew the winter breeze would keep patrons snuggled at home on a Monday night but I was wrong. I failed to mention the various flavors of kool-aid on tap at the bar. The bartender must have caught a glimpse of my greedy ass eyeing the juice from afar and asked if I wanted to try it. My cousin warned me that the kool-aid was really sweet. To avoid ending up like Big Mama from Soul Foul with my leg cut off, I declined. Now that I think about it, my bartender did look like cousin Faith! Lawd…….I should have brought Myles. Hell, my food would have been free. Okay. let me stop with the Soul Food references!

All in all Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffle did not disappoint. Any restaurant that offers breakfast all day is alright in my book. Not to mention the array of soul food options that will definitely make you want to slap yo mama! I mean from catfish, yams, shrimp, grits, gizzards, fried green tomatoes…you name it.

Check them out. You won’t be disappointed! I would also like to point out that all of the staff working while I was there were black. It was refreshing to be in a black owned establishment whereby the employees were pleasant, helpful, kind, courteous and well mannered! I could go on but you all get the point!


Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles

1201 E State Hwy 114 #100

Southlake, TX 76092