Loose Lips

Let’s just get into it. Michael Cohen is out here spilling some tea on Donald Trump. Many people will question Michael’s credibility because he is a known liar. However, at this point, what does he have to lose by confession to Congress and American people what he knows to be true about 45? He is already heading to prison, he and his family have been receiving numerous threats. Not to mention, Cohen has brought receipts to back his claims! This is some Watergate stuff in 2019. I am here for all of the messy details. Some of you may not dive into this story as I so will give you some highlights.

One of 11 check installments that was paid throughout the year to Cohen by Trump.

One of 11 check installments that was paid throughout the year to Cohen by Trump.

  1. Michael Cohen, in his written statement confesses that Trump is a racist, conman and a cheat! Well Mike we knew that man…tell us something we didn’t already know.

  2. Candidate Trump knew about WikiLeaks plan to drop the bomb about the Democratic National committee emails.

  3. Michael Cohen provided a check allegedly written by President Trump (check the date on the check) as repayment for hush money paid out to Stormy Daniels. **Remember the President said he had no knowledge about these payments.

  4. Trump Tower Moscow talks continued well into the presidential campaign and Mike was acting as a negotiator on then candidate Trump’s behalf.

  5. “He once asked me if I could name a country run by a black person that wasn't a "shithole." This was when Barack Obama was President of the United States.”

  6. Trump lied about his assets in an attempt to acquire loans and purchase the Buffalo Bills.

  7. Trump even had Cohen send threatening letters to the schools he attended because he didn’t want his grades or SAT scores to be released publicly.

Now I just wonder if the Republicans will take these claims seriously and take action. While Michael Cohen said that he was not for certain if the President colluded with Russia, the payments to Stormy Daniels alone should be grounds for impeachment.

Cohen is set to testify this morning. We shall see how this soap opera continues to play out.