Initially, my human mind could not assemble the proper words to describe the extraterrestrial talent which exudes candidly and boldy from a woman by the name of STOUT! Sunday night I had the pleasure of seeing her live at the Deep Ellum Art Co. in Dallas.


I became acquainted with STOUT (aka Denise Renee) on Instagram over a year ago and while on social media I learned she worked with Childish Gambino and is also a member of Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles. For all of her work with these amazing artists and so many more, I fell in love with STOUT’s unique individual artistry. The way her her soulful church-rooted vocals mercilessly interlaces with her avant-garde loop arrangements is truly a breath of fresh air in an a time when some music is polluted by perpetual mediocrity lacking any sense of authenticity.

While walking to my car after the concert, I was spellbound. I’ll do my best, at this time to explain why. Super group Lunar R*A*E and the uberly talented Cleon Edwards helped prepare the way for the main attraction. I was already gitty as she walked on stage. So when she beckoned the crowd to come in a little closer, I was obedient and slid right on up to the front of the stage. With a push of a couple buttons on her loop station, we were all aboard the STOUT train with no warning or no instructions to button our seat belts! We had to ride at our own risk. As a passengers, we anticipated an interesting ride but we couldn’t fathom being bewitched and in awe of the journey.

She and her background dancers jolted the crowd while grooving to an original upbeat track to set the tone. Seamlessly, she transitioned to her rendition of the Aretha Franklin classic Rock Steady! Just watch for yourself!

The crowd exclaimed with heaps of “YES”, “SING”, “REALLY”, WOOO”, “JESUS” in agreement and at times disbelief of the things that escaped her throat and mouth. These chants failed to cease when she blessed us with her take on Sade’s No Ordinary Love.

A minor technical glitch did not faze STOUT as she sweetly sang the first few lyrics of A Song For You by the Donny Hathaway. In my opinion, there is nothing like seeing an artist flow and improvise while being engulfed by music, energy, and spirit. STOUT guided us into another realm of her ministry that I don’t even think she intended to tap into as she began creating loops on the spot. As she was led by the spirit, she ushered us in as well. We leaned in a little closer in anticipation and sheer reverence.

Then this happened!

And this….

After taking us to the throne room and beyond the veil, STOUT closed out the show with her new single Queen which further displays her funk rock vibe.

Honestly, I don’t have much more to say. The videos speak for themselves. I am so glad I got an opportunity to witness greatness. The world needs and must know this beautiful gem known as STOUT!