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Uncle’s Critique

3 out of 5 party cups

RCA Inspiration recording artist William Murphy is back with his new project entitled Settle Here. Anyone who is familiar with me knows I love William Murphy. I even had the pleasure of visiting his church while living in Atlanta. His ability to pen songs that speak to the heart while glorifying God is a true gift from the heavens. I wasn’t planning on reviewing the album but when I heard Bliss, I leapt from my bed, ran to the living room to get my laptop and started going forth. So here we go.

Right out the gate, I noticed that Settle Here was going to be a littler different from previous works Demonstrate and God Chaser but not necessarily in a negative capacity. I knew this was more of what I will refer to as relational worship!


Murphy’s music continues to expand and lends itself to more of Christian contemporary rather than traditional Gospel music. if you pay attention to the track list, the song Bliss which sparked this review is the 4th track. In my opinion, the lyrical content of most Gospel music has become antiquated, predictable, and lacks creativity. Therefore, when I saw the track names, I’ll admit I thought oh great, more of the same. Chain Breaker, The Rock and The Greatness of You are nice songs which I’m sure will be adopted by music ministries all over the country but I feel are your run of the mill worship songs. Bliss starts out sweetly with the strums of the guitar and Murphy finesses the opening lines of the verse. Before you know it your arms will be raised while whispering sweet nothings to the Lord. It’s a delicate love song! From there, Settle Here picks up steam. Bliss organically flows over into We Wait for You and by this time your face is liable to be in the floor of your living room, the desk of your work cubicle or you’ll be laid out in the driver’s seat of your car.

Love Never Fails reminds listeners of the measure of adoration the Lord has for us. A man that gave his life on a hill call Calvary for a wretch like you and me. Look for this song during your church’s Easter production. The glory fell and produced Praise Break and Shout. Bishop Murphy stepped up and starting speaking over the people of God. Ladies, I hope you have on your good bra, and fellas I hope your Chelesa boots are the right size because a run shall fall upon thine feet. A shout shall be loosed upon thine legs! Clear your throat because a holla shall erupt from thine belly. Now I did my roll my eyes when the singers uttered “turn up, cause you gotta testify.” Immediately I thought here we go again. Church folks trying to be relevant and cool. Stop it! Ok I am back in the spirit.

Murphy compels God to settle down and throw his weight around on the title track Settle Here and I couldn’t help but to respond with an obligatory ALRIGHT! (By the way, that ALRIGHT is only effective in a 1st soprano note and emphasis on the ‘t’). Same Grace wasn’t supposed to be included in the set list for this live recording but it is a sweet smelling fragrance unto the Lord. HIYA!

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the worship ministry of CONTAGIOUS, Ernest Vaughn and the other musicians which back William Murphy. These artists are always on point, solid, dedicated and push Murphy’s projects to the next dimension.

Overall, Settle Here is a solid effort. I am not sure if it will be in constant rotation like The Sound, God Chaser and Demonstrate yet it’s worth adding to your collection.