Let's Shop

Well, I have decided to extend my brand and offer t-shirt which will be for sale on my website. I have several designs that I will be releasing in the coming months but I wanted to start with a design that means a great deal to me.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for a strong mother and grandmother that raised me to be respectful, independent and resilient. They were both able to instill these values in me as single mothers. I am sure my mother and many other women around the globe wish their children’s father played a more active role in their children’s lives but unfortunately it wasn’t God’s will.

Therefore, I wanted my first design to pay homage to all the single mother’s that have sacrificed and worked so hard to raise successful children on their own. Please note, this is not a knock or a disregard of mothers raising their child with their partner or husband as I respect your efforts as well but I want to honor what I know and relate to.

I will greatly appreciate your support in my new business venture. It’s my goal to bring products for an array of customers from all walks of life. My collection will reflect my experiences and truth. I hope you enjoy.