What's In My Ear?

Over the past few months, I have become more enthralled with podcasts. It has gotten to the point where I want to potentially start my own. I have been toying with the idea so stay tuned because it may just be on the horizon.

One thing I love about podcasts which may have less to do with the medium itself is the variety of content that is available to listeners. Honestly there is something for everyone. The fact that you can listen to them on your mobile device is an added convenience. Podcasts can be enjoyed during your commute to work, while working out or just chillin’ at the house. I would encourage you to dig into some podcasts that interest you.

When I first got hipped to podcasts, I thought they were only exclusive to Apple users. How selfish of me right? Come to find out, podcasts are also available via Spotify, or Google Play just to name a few. In no particular order, I wanted to share with you all some of the podcasts I have become addicted to recently.

The Break Down with Shaun King


I first became acquainted writer, pastor, teacher and activist Shaun King via on Instagram. His love for justice and humanity caught and has held my attention for several years now. Shaun King, with the help of members of the revised North Star organization have recently launched The Break Down podcast. In each episode, Shaun dives into several news stories giving listeners the hardcore facts. His delivery is simplistic, tactful and effective. He helps to shed light on negative and positive stories that mainstream media may neglect to report on. The production of this show is amazing. The music and transitions are some of the best I have heard on any podcast or radio show for that matter.


Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Let me just say I love Amanda Seales. She is so opinionated, funny and hella smart. Amanda is a jack of all trades; a comedian, actor, musician, and writer to name a few. Small Doses takes listeners into Amanda’s world as she keeps it real and drop gems on an array of topics from navigating through careers, dating, politics, love and other random shit we can all relate to. If you need a little chuckle while going through emails at work, let Small Doses tickle your funny bone.

Ratchet & Respectable with Demetria L. Lucas

Author and friend in my head Demetria L. Lucas has hit a home run with Ratchet & Respectable. The title of the show in itself is great. I’ll admit, I may have a crush on Demetria. If I was straight and looked like Idris Elba, I would definitely holla. Nevertheless, Demetria tackles current events, pop culture and her personal life’s transitions. I appreciate her ability to be transparent with listeners. I tend to always take away something I didn’t know or view things in another perspective after one of her episodes.


Business Unusual - Barbara Corcoran


As an inspiring successful entrepreneur, I find it important to take the advice and knowledge being dropped by other business people that have gone on to make empires. I especially enjoy those individuals that come from very humble beginning to turn nothing to something. You may recognize Barbara Corcoran from the hit TV show Shark Tank. Her podcast episodes are sweet, short and to the point. She gives practical advice on navigating through your career, starting up a business and what to do while you are waiting to catch the “big fish.”

The Red Pill Podcast with Van Lathan


Van Lathan is the man I aspire to be one day. He, in my opinion, is well-spoken, intelligent, and well informed. Not to mention he was once a bigger guy and lost a lot of weight! Goals! You may know Van from TMZ. His podcast also tackles current events and issues that are important to us all. Van also tends to engage in great interviews with celebrities and artists we adore such as Amber Rose, Nick Cannon, Amanda Seales and Taye Diggs to name a few. His southern charm and likable personality make him a great interviewer as its evident in ease and comfort-ability of the people on his show. Now don’t be surprise if you hear some heated exchanges on the show. Ideas do collide and differences tend to show but Van has a way of keeping things respectful.

Two Black Guys with Good Credit

This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to last year. I have definitely referred it to other people because the hosts Derek (replaced Arlington), and Shaun discuss things we should all be striving for which is financial freedom. These guys and Dion (female co-host) guides financial curious and financially knowledgeable individuals through the do’s and don’ts as it relates to money and business. Their show takes a light and fun approach which I think is smart when tackling a serious topic. It’s super helpful and I have taken away some many things from listening to their podcast. Their show just makes you want to do better and be more responsible.




I stumbled across AfroQueer by accident two weeks ago. Once I tuned in, I couldn’t stop. I binged while driving and running errands. AfroQueer gives a glimpse of the lives of LGBTQ individuals living on the continent of Africa. I found it interesting because I’ve never been privy to life experiences of my brothers and sisters that reside in different countries in Africa. At times, these episodes are heart wrenching due to the harsh and discriminative treatment faced by people only trying to live their truth. Yet the are episodes that express the hope of a better tomorrow and the love and acceptance others have come to experience.

Passing Through

Image-1 (7).png

I believe my friend Lauren turned me on to Passing Through with Nneka J. Nneka is a blogger and from what I have learned while listening is an avid traveler. She is a master storyteller. Her ability to paint a story is impressive. Passing Through gives listeners a peak into Nneka’s traveling excursions and the revelations she has learned during experiences. A great number of us can relate to Nneka’s stories about family, love, heartache and pain. I can’t stop harping on her delivery as her voice is captivating and makes you beg for more. She is a baby Maya Angelou.